1 to 4 hours.

No. You must stay on paved roadways. See Rider Terms.

No. This is not a dealer test ride. You are on your own. Enjoy!

No. You must return the bike within the reservation time you set up online. See Reservation Agreement.

The dealer will provide the initial fuel for your demo. You are responsible for all additional fuel costs. See Rider Terms.

A DOT approved helmet, gloves, approved eye wear or full face helmet, riding jacket, and proper foot wear. See Rider Terms.

Yes. See Rider Terms.

$2000 Physical damages. $5,000 Theft. Insurance Terms.

Contact authorities immediately. See Rider Terms.

Who do I call? Contact the dealer immediately.

Ultimately you are. See Rider Terms.

Yes, with Dealer discresion. See Rider Terms.

Not likely. See Insurance Terms.

Contact the dealer to have them bring you more fuel or pick you up.

You are responsible for the costs of any traffic violations. See Rider Terms.